Nowadays, more than ever, the health and wellbeing of all is important. Aphrodite Beach Hotel, takes standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. The management has adopted its operation according to the new Safety Standards & Hygiene protocols.
Our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of our guests and hotel employees.
Our staff have been given Covid-19 cleanliness-specific guidance, training and information as well as the best practice guidelines to apply with our own very high cleaning standards.
For everyone’s safety we have enhanced the following Health Protocols


  • Keep safe social distance of 2m. Be aware of spray from sneezes or cough when in close proximity. Follow the floor markings, wherever placed.
  • Should you need face-masks and gloves, you may find them at our mini-market
  • Remember, even if you don’t have symptoms you can still be a carrier and transmitter
  • Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands
  • Seek medical advice if you feel any suspect symptom and keep being informed on all hygiene regulations/protocols
  • Wash your hands or use the gel hand sanitizer before entering our dining rooms or contacting the reception or bar counters.
  • Please air your room thoroughly.
  • No visitors are allowed to hotel bedrooms or the hotel.


  • Contact from your room our Front Office for any queries you may have.
  • Under these circumstances please allow more time for deeper room cleaning before a new arrival. Check out at 11:00, Check in at 15:00
  • Please use elevators one person at the time. More people only in case of a family.
  • Use the special tray for placing your room and towel cards, when checking out
  • We recommend the use of credit cards for all transactions.


  • Disinfecting each bedroom before arrival.
  • All non-essential items have been removed from bedrooms. These include pencils,note-pads,cushions,decorative items,tea/coffee facilities.
  • New covers for T.V and A/C telecontrols are used for every new arrival.
  • Rooms are serviced upon request for linen change and room amenities addition, only. Please make your request for service in your room, linen change, etc, till 15:00 for the next day. For any further service please call Front Office.
  • Deeper and more thorough cleaning and room airing before every new guest arrival. This procedure includes the cleaning of the filters of the air conditioning.
  • Special precautions are taken while changing the room linen, with very careful handling of the used items.
  • All used linen is separately (per room) packed in plastic bags.
  • All linen is delivered daily to the hotel from our outsourced contractor in safe packaging sorted per kind of item. Then it is carefully handled from our staff with one-use gloves
  • A frequent cleaning schedule is applied to all public areas.
  • The cleaning process is recorded every time a service is performed.
  • Our 24h reception service will help you if there is something you need to ask or report. Just stay in your room and dial the number 0 from your room telephone. We will be happy to assist you!
  • Beach towels will no longer be provided with deposit at the reception. Only upon request we can bring to your room. We strongly suggest that you bring your own towels.


  • The kids’ club will not operate during this summer, according to State’s recommendations.
  • Animation/children Animators are available daily according to the hotel’s capacity with children.
  • Area: The Kids’ playground/ children’s pool area
  • Be aware for the social distances.


  • Access in these areas including stores is forbidden to anybody not directly involved in this service
  • All products/packaging is disinfected before entering the production are
  • Kitchen attire including head covering, gloves, masks, aprons and uniforms are washed daily at a min. temperature of 60 degrees C.
  • A safe distance between each chef is kept during all phases of production.
  • Clean and soiled items are kept clearly separately in the dishwashing area.
  • Strict HACCP conditions are in place


  •  Buffets will be available, with more individual portions as well as packaged products. For that reason, additional safety measures will be introduced which must be followed by both guests & employees.
  • Introduced more than one sitting in the dining areas. Please make your reservation before leaving after breakfast, at the Main Restaurant entrance. Families with young children will be offered priority to the first sitting.
  • Wait at the entrance to be seated
  • Please follow the flow-through passage to keep social distance
  • The wearing of mask and gloves is mandatory for our staff associates
  • Waiting staff will assist you during buffet service.
  • It is mandatory that all food and beverages in the restaurant be served by our staff.
  • Opening hours of the restaurant may be extended depending on demand. Hands disinfection will be mandatory upon entry.
  • All our F & B departments continue to operate under strict HACCP standard


  • Counter service only.
  • There is only one way to be served at the bar. Please follow the flow-through passage and keep safe social distance.



  • Gym and Sauna, Spa & are temporarily kept closed, according to State’s recommendations
  • All Hygiene procedures are implemented for keeping your presence at the pools and beach safe.
  • Mini soccer and mini golf are temporarily kept closed, according to State’s recommendations
  • The Pools’ PH is checked every 4 hours. Results are recorded.
  • Permitted persons in the pools: 1 per 5 sq.m.
  • 2 persons per sun-umbrella. More if members of a family.
  • Distance between guests under different sun-umbrellas will be min. 2m at the pools, 3m at the beach.


Aphrodite Beach Hotel
Management & Staff